Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing is one of the most important areas within your business but one that is often overlooked.  In the digital age it is essential that your hotel brand is putting out the right message to attract potential customers and maximise spend from existing guests.

Social Media

With nearly half the world’s population on Facebook and other channels, your Social Media Strategy will continue to be essential in delivering your brand’s most important messages to your audience.

We use interesting and engaging content as the basis for our social media campaigns.

Atlas International’s social media team specializes in targeted social content that your target market will like and, more importantly, share.   We also encourage your customers to produce content for you by tagging and uploading their content to your channels.

Website Design and Development

Our creative team can help to design you a new website or improve an under performing one you currently have.   From basic websites using a easy to use CMS up to a complex fully custom coded design – we can help.   Our conversion optimisation experts can also help to tweak your site for increased conversions and higher revenue per visitor.


Our team includes members with extensive knowledge in SEO.  Keyword research is the basis of all out SEO campaigns and is always done extensively.  High quality content can then be produced to rank for these keywords and vastly increase your sites traffic.  Link building and other offsite SEO techniques are then applied to boost rankings and push your site to the top of search engines.

Photography and Video

They say a  photo speaks a thousand words.  Well in todays market that is as true as ever and with most customers looking online before traveling your pictures and video must be of the highest quality.  We can book a highly skilled photographer who specialised in the hotel industry.   Nothing will give you a better ROI than replacing average pictures with great ones.